Office Naps Summer 2010 Psychedelic Pop mix

The fifth installment of the Office Naps psychedelic pop mix. Sunshine dreams, bad trips, and modern astrology for Today’s Teen.

Office Naps Summer 2010 Psychedelic Pop mix
Pinnochio & the Puppets, Fusion (7″ 45, Mercury)
Jackie & Gayle, Remember (7″ 45, United Artists)
Lynn LaSalle, Randee Ramjet (7″ 45, Hy Nibble)
Nite People, Is This a Dream (7″ 45, Page One, UK)
Blossom Toes, Telegram Tuesday (We Are Ever So Clean, Marmalade, UK)
John Dunn, I’m a Deeper Blue (7″ 45, Flick City)
Cherro King, I’m So Afraid I’ve Lost You (7″ 45, Commerce)
Preston, Water Falls (7″ 45, Sound Patterns)
The Tears, Rat Race (7″ 45, Onyx)
Don Voegeli, Sound Patterns with Logo (Four) (excerpt) (Four Notes in Search of a Tune, vol. 2, University of Wisconsin – Extension)
Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson, I’ve Been Over the Rainbow (The Wozard Of Iz: An Electronic Odyssey, A&M)
Gossip, Whispering Wind (7″ 45, Gossip)
The Mirage, Tomorrow Never Knows (7″ 45, Philips, UK)
East Side Kids, Little Bird (7″ 45, Valhalla)
Jerry Goldsmith, Trip (Sebastian, soundtrack, Dot)
Kaleidoscope , A Dream for Julie (7″ 45, Fontana, UK)
The Appletree Theatre, What a Way to Go (7″ 45, Verve Forecast)
Zodiac Cosmic Sounds (Mort Garson), Pisces – The Peace Piper (Zodiac Cosmic Sounds: celestial counterpoint with words and music, Elektra)
Johnny Thompson Quintet, For Us There’ll Be No Tomorrow (7″ 45, Guitarsville)
ESB, Let Me Touch You (7″ 45, Inarts)
Apperson Jackrabbit, Candy Cane Sound (7″ 45, Steamer)
Action Unlimited, My Heart Cries Out (7″ 45, Parkway)
The Cadaver, Haven’t Got the Time (7″ 45, Kaleidoscope)
The Executives, Moving in a Circle (7″ 45, Festival, Australia)
Tom Dissevelt, Spearhead (Fantasy in Orbit, Philips)
Smokey and His Sister, Imagination (Smokey & His Sister, Warner Brothers)
The Common People, Here, There, and Everywhere (7″ 45, United of flbl&g)

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7 Responses to Office Naps Summer 2010 Psychedelic Pop mix

  1. Oliver says:

    nice project danny – the charades flamingo is one of the top 2 or 3 songs you have dug up and shared in my opinion over the top

    feldman’s cover of new delhi is tasty as well

    keep rolling

  2. xtro99 says:

    thank you for posting this; looks great! welcome back. i’m ashamed to say i’ve enjoyed your posts for years and have never let you know how much i appreciate them, the 45s and mixes. thank you for the music!

  3. lucus says:

    thank you so much for this. what an amazing mix.

    enjoyed lots of your tracks and research over the years, hope it continues in this form and others

    cheers from kansas city


  4. Fredrik says:

    WOW, thanks you Danny, I´ve been a long time fan of your mixtapes, and it was a great surprise to see that you´re back on track handing out great psych pop to the people again!!

    Keep it up, you have loads of keen-eared fans here in europe!

    All the best from the Explorers Record Club

  5. Dave says:

    Nice mix!

    The Lynn LaSalle 45 sounds like the lead singer of The Creation (the UK freakbeat group). Could it be?



  6. Little Danny says:

    Hey Dave:

    I hear the similarity you’re talking about; LaSalle was definitely Americano, though.

    Thanks all for your kind comments. Always appreciated.

  7. Leo Rattans says:

    Great to have you back!
    If it hadn’t been for a curious comment at Iron Leg,
    I might have missed it.
    Strange, since I have your site on my blog-roll.
    Oh well, I’ve now re-subscribed.
    No-one does mixes like you.

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