Office Naps Middle Eastern Mix

The third installment of the Office Naps mix, and it’s all over the place. From Turkish wah-wah guitars and ’60s garage ragas to Yusef Lateef’s Mecca-wise wail, it’s Middle Eastern only in the loosest possible sense of the term. If there ever there was a darbuka to be struck or an argol to be wrangled, however, it’s probably in there. Enjoy.

-DJ Little Danny

Office Naps Middle Eastern Mix
Rosko With The John Berberian Ensemble, Perfection (Music and Gibran: A Contemporary Interpretation Of the Author Of The Prophet, Verve Forecast)
Charles Kynard & Buddy Collette, Blue Sands (Warm Winds, World-Pacific)
The Freak Scene, Grok! (Psychedelic Psoul, Columbia)
Elias Rahbani, Dance of Maria (Mosaic of the Orient, EMI)
Fifty Foot Hose, Opus 777 (Cauldron, Limelight)
Mohamed “Mike” Hegazi and His Golden Guitar, Nouni (Belly Dance With Zeina, Emi)
The Off-Set, Xanthia (Lisa) (7”, Jubilee)
Lloyd Miller with the Press Keys Quartet, Gol-E Gandom (Oriental Jazz, East-West)
Fairuz, Yalla Tenam Rima (Bint El-Harass, soundtrack, Parlophone)
Istanbul Calgicilari, Sax Gazel (Disco Fasil I, Bip!)
T. Swift & The Electric Bag, Free Form In 6 (Are You Experienced, Custom)
1st Century, Looking Down (7”, Capitol)
Don Randi Trio, Tomorrow Never Knows (Revolver Jazz, Reprise)
The Kaleidoscope, Pulsating Dream (Side Trips, Epic)
Omar Khorshid and His Guitar, Guitar El Chark (Rhythms From the Orient, Voice of Lebanon)
Ozel Turkbas, Bovzovkia Solo (Dance Into Your Sultan’s Heart, Elay)
The Devil’s Anvil, Hala Laya (7”, Columbia)
Ganimian & His Oriental Music, Swingin’ The Blues (Come With Me To the Casbah, Atco)
Okay Temiz, East Breeze (Drummer of Two Worlds, Finnadar)
Clyde Borly & His Percussions, Afromania (Music In 5 Dimensions, Atco)
Sabah with Chahine’s International Orchestra, Hully Gully (Halli Galli Dabka) (Music From a Millionaire’s Playground, Parlophone)
Yusef Lateef, Sister Mamie (Live at Pep’s, Impulse!)
The Rotary Connection, I Took A Ride (Caravan) (Rotary Connection, Cadet Concept)
Dorothy Ashby, Soul Vibrations (Afro-Harping, Cadet)
Herbie Mann, Incense (Impressions of the Middle East, Atlantic)
Lalo Schifrin, The Snake’s Dance (Lalo = Brilliance: The Piano of Lalo Schifrin, Roulette)
Tony Martinez and His Mambo Combo, Pharoah’s Curse (7”, GNP)
Johnny Lewis Trio and Millie, Snake Hips (7”, Coral)
Sonny Lester & His Orchestra, Song of India (Little Egypt Presents More How To Belly-Dance For Your Husband, Roulette)

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15 Responses to Office Naps Middle Eastern Mix

  1. ally. says:

    anything containing miscellaneous flotsam sounds good to me. the journey to preston boot sale tomorrow is going to sound a whole lot of interesting – thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another winning mix! Many thanks.

  3. SLamb says:

    the morning commute becomes a trip through the cosmos. thank you.

  4. Rob says:

    Great stuff Danny (as ever)…

  5. Vincent says:

    I have to agree with Sasha… I think it’s time to piss off my co workers and make them hear something other than that tired ass CD of Hot 97 rhythmless bull$#!+

  6. Anonymous says:

    WILD. Great mix, Danny. Post more mixes please. Lovin’ ’em.

    – Mr. Attention

  7. shaka says:

    i really look forward to your mixes. they always exceed my expectations. thanks for sharing. peace.

  8. FREAKIN RAD! just looking at the tracklisting has got me all hype. thanks again.

  9. clark says:

    great mix. thanks for posting.

  10. Thomas says:

    Very nice selection. Reminds me of a tripped out version of the great Cafe Apres-midi compilations.
    Keep up the great work!

  11. Thanks Thomas, I love those Cafe Afres-Midi compilations (or at least the ones I’ve heard thanks to Oliver B. aka Speedy G).

  12. Reza says:

    superb mix many thanks, wouldnt have the whole Lloyd Miller with the Press Keys Quartet album ?
    any chance please for a dl link …… 🙂

  13. g.raf says:

    This is a great mix Danny.
    many thanks for sharing it!

  14. blackclassical says:

    brilliant mix!

  15. ueberkonfessionell says:

    ellington said: ” … the whole world is goin`oriental”
    thank you sir
    the best eastern mix i found on the net
    holy stuff
    u rule

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