Office Naps Late Summer 2016 Psychedelic Pop mix

Well well well.   A new Office Naps psychedelic pop mix.  Do wonders ever cease?   This is the sixth of these, and the first in six years, and it skews subtly towards the ’70s and a darker Vietnam-era energy while summoning all of the chiming, soaring, weird Aquarian vibes of previous psych-pop mixes.

Office Naps Late Summer 2016 Psychedelic Pop mix

Sun, The Dream (The Journeys of the Sun Sailors 7? 45 EP, Pyrasound)
Honey LTD.
, Silk ‘n Honey (7? 45, LHI)
Estelle Levitt
, I Like the Way It Feels (7? 45, Music Factory)
Orange Box
, Time Has Gone to Sleep (7? 45, Overlord)
Mozark Music Makers
, Theme of the Corillions (7? 45, The Corillions)
Jupiters’ Children
, This Is All I Ask (7? 45, Triple O)
, Shadows (7? 45, Solomon)
National Bank of Sound
, Me and My Friends (7? 45, Sea-West)
Plain Jane
, Not the Same (Plain Jane, Hobbit)
The Pyramids
, I Don’t Wanna Cry (7? 45, Archer)
Harlen Michael
, Day Sleeper (7? 45, Era)
Neil Norman
, With You My Love (7? 45, GNP Crescendo)
The Apocalypse
, God is My Home (7? 45, Apocalypse)
, Le Nenuphar (7? 45, Polydor, France)
Charley D. and Milo
, Om Sweet Om (Charley D. and Milo, Epic)
Jan & Lorraine
, Snow Roses (Gypsy People, ABC)
, I Sure Need You (Puff, MGM)
Piero Umiliani
, Pellegrinaggio Al Totem (Polinesia, Omicron, Italy)
John Paynter and Peter Aston (dirs.)
, Musique Concrete  (excerpt) (Sound and Silence: Classroom Projects in Creative Music, Cambridge University Press, U.K.)
, Água (Som, no label, Brazil)
Stu Phillips
, Ranee Express (Follow Me, Uni)
Hollins and Starr
, Krishna Day (Sidewalks Talking, Ovation)
, Violets in Your Basket (7? 45, Flippin’)
Electric Frogs
, Mona (7? 45, Storec, Germany)
, Elle Regarde Et Elle Rit (7? 45, Pathé , Canada)
Deuces Wild
, Hey Little One (7? 45, Deuce)
Dennis Harte
, Summer’s Over (7? 45, Roundtable)

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