Discos Corona/Crown Records: A mambo, Latin jazz and exotica-ish sampler

Hi all, I put together a homemade compilation of Afro-Latin, Latin jazz and exotic-ish Latin selections on the fascinating Los Angeles budget record labels Discos Corona and Crown Records.  I can be downloaded here:


Note that this a ZIP of individual MP3 tracks, and not a single MP3 mix.

A few notes:

  • – The Eddie Gomez side is an early 45 on Modern Records, Crown’s parent.
  • – Sir Lazarus is the first (I believe) issue of what would get released as Wally Fernez’s Latin Heat Wave.  The Sir Lazarus LP is on Colon-United Records, with notes by Jules Bihari. Fun!
  • – The Raskin track is from his exotica opus Kapu, but it just made so much sense in this context.

Some very obscure, very mysterious music here, much of it imbued with that moody, slightly exotic vibe that was so specific to California in the postwar decades – a sound and scene that I’ve been fascinated with for years.

Hope you enjoy!

1 Rudy Macias and His Charanga Orchestra, “Crown Mambo” (Pachanga If You Please)
2 Eddie Gomez and His Rumba Band, “Yen Ye” (7″ 45)
3 Eddie Encinas, “Mambo Oriental” (Eddie Encinas presenta a sus Latinos Modernos con la Voz de Leo Fernandez)
4 Orquesta De Federico Ramirez y Dos Pastoras, “Canto” (Satin Latino)
5 Don Ralke, “Afro-Bop” (Bongo Madness Featuring the Exciting Sounds of Don Ralke and Buddy Collette)
6 Alex Keack, “Latino” (For Surfers Only)
7 Hermanos Luna, “Mozambique” (Bailando a Lo Latino)
8 Milt Raskin, “Mileka” (Kapu/Forbidden – The Exciting Sounds of Milt Raskin)
9 Eddie Gomez and his Latin American Orchestra, “Cuban Mist” (Cuban Mist Cha Cha Cha)
10 Tino la Tino and His Orchestra, “Canto Misterio” (La Tino Cha Cha Cha)
11 Latin All Stars, “Azul” (Jazz Heat Bongo Beat)
12 Bobby Correll, “Tono Loco” (Rapsodia)
13 Eddie Encinas, “Bossa Nova de Freddie” (¡Goza! con El Conjunto de Eddie Encinas)
14 El Caballo Y Su Orquesta, “Mambo Jay” (Vamos A Bailar con El Famoso Trompetista “El Caballo” y Orquesta)
15 Sir Lazarus, “Feliz Mambo” (El Watusi)
16 Eddie Gomez and his Latin American Orchestra, “Timba Timbero” (Caribbean Rendezvous)
17 Ricardo Flores, “Pachanga Ricardo” (Pachangas Boleros y Mambos)
18 Hermanos Pastora y Jose Loquito, “Nanigo Calenton” (Ritmo Erotico)
19 Orquesta Del Famoso Trompetista “El Caballo”, “Alergia” (Bailemos Otra Vez)
20 Raul Trana, “Tatiana” (Si, Como No: Victor Regina presenta Raul Trana canta Tomas Delgado)
21 Roberto Correll, “Mistico” (Majorca)

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