Oh, man

Hello? Hi!

Welcome to 2012. Hooray! Different times.

Because that’s where Office Naps is right now.

See now things look this way because a month or so ago the site was being besieged by spammy database requests and recurring MySQL queries that were tying up resources and blah blah blah get to some points.

Error #1: In desperation I deleted what I thought was a redundant database before realizing it was, in fact, the database driving Office Naps and all posts here. Talk about your dawning realizations.

Error #2: Twist that knife! It was pointed out to me, far too late, that my web host could have restored said database had I immediately contacted them, which I hadn’t.

Anyway, what you’re looking at is a backup of my site from 2012. In the coming weeks I’ll be restoring all of the intervening posts that were lost, a laborious but unavoidable process.

Then, along with a redo of my laughable website design, I’ll finally get some new writing up.

Stick with me, mates.

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One Response to Oh, man

  1. Oliver says:

    flotsam and jetsam danny flotspam and jetspam

    how’s marfler looking??? more and more private jets dropping out of the sky 🙂

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