Halloween radio special 9-11pm CST tonight

This evening on Lost Frequencies:

Two hours of lost ’50s and ’60s bop, mambo, R&B, exotica, soundtracks and oddball surf instrumentals and country. No silly monster novelties, just deep haunted house moods and b-movie atmospherics.

KRTS 93.5FM or stream at http://marfapublicradio.org/ 9-11pm CST.


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4 Responses to Halloween radio special 9-11pm CST tonight

  1. vitor says:

    Hi. Discovered your website a few days ago, completely by accident, and have been delighted.
    hope you can make a stream or download out of this halloween radio special!


  2. Pat says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for all the work you’ve put together.
    Office Naps remains to be one of my favourite places on the web.
    Was this show recorded?,
    working / living in the UK doesn’t make easy to catch Lost Frequencies…
    It would be awesome if the shows were archived.
    There are lot of websites that provide unlimited hosting, just saying : )

    • Little Danny says:

      Hey Pat, thanks so much for the kind words. And I agree. But archiving is more of an official station matter than anything I have control over. However, it’s definitely a possibility.

  3. aaron says:

    is it possible to download this mix? looking for it

    pls email me aaronjones333@gmail.com

    thanks much appreciated!

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