Bright Lights

Bright Lights!

Like AM Radio Dust, its companion volume, Bright Lights is just as much an exploration of lost spaces and places as it is of sound.

I hope you enjoy it.

Bright Lights
(single MP3 file)

Susan Rafey, “The Big Hurt”
Jerry Lee Trio, “Banshee”
Rick Durham and the Dynamics, “Southern Love”
Stan with the Marauders, “Echo Valley”
Maggie Ingram with the Ingramettes, “Melody of Love”
Zena Ayo, “Long Long Gone”
Mike Baltch Quartet, “Delilah”
Cheryl Thompson, “Black Night”
The Checker Dots, “Alpha Omega”
Fantastic Dee-Jays, “This Love of Ours”
The What Four, “Gemini 4″
Carole King, “A Road to Nowhere”
The Bittersweets, “Hurtin’ Kind”
Charles Wright and the Malibus, “Runky”
The Missing Links, “I Cried Goodbye”
J. Gale and the Games, “A Million Nothings”
The Benjamin Specials Gospel Singers, “I Am on the Right Road Now”
Link Wray, “Girl from the North Country”
Shirley Mc Donald accompanied by The Kay Nines K-9′s, “You”
The Santells, “These Are Love”
Houston and Dorsey, “Ebb Tide”
Dub Benson, “Shaping Up Today”
Henry Kaalekahi, “Hookipa Paka – Maunawili”
Johnny Love, “Rain Drops”
George Johnson, “Capricorn”
Fay Simmons, “Bells”
Cee Cee Carol, “The Right Guy”
Lou Smith, “I’ll Be the One”

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11 Responses to Bright Lights

  1. OvO says:

    eyyyyyyy a new office naps mix. wicked!

  2. ted wicks says:

    I second that. Torch

  3. Tommy C says:

    Great mix as usual. If it’s not too much trouble & you have the time would you put it into a zip file like you did with AM Radio Dust? Thanks.
    Always look forward to your postings.
    Thanks again.

  4. meme says:

    this looks really good.

  5. Westex says:

    Hmmm… J. Gale? Wonder where that came from? ;)

    Hope you guys enjoyed the snow… drove through 6 inches of it going through the pass south of Ft. Stockton on the way to the Bend week before last and saw remnants in the highlands south of Alpine a few days later when I was hauling a buddy up to the emergency room in Alpine. Bet the Marfa plateau looked gorgeous and the Davis Mountains as well.

    • Little Danny says:

      Snow was beautiful but I was flu-stricken at the time, the worst 24 hours of it unfortunately coinciding with the heaviest snowfall. Still, though, lovely.

  6. vitor says:

    Excellent. thank you so so much for all the great music you have been sharing.

  7. jonathan says:

    so damn good, any chance of having a .zip file with all the tunes separate like am?

  8. travis pitts says:

    i concur- mp3 files in a zip would be GREAT! have been an avid scrounger of lost twang and exotica for years, and my bookstore instrumental playlist always garners questions and respect from new listeners and oldsters who recognize a few tracks now and then. would love to have these loose so as to mix them in properly!

  9. D says:

    Great atmosphere.

  10. Christopher says:

    The best mix i’ve heard all year. Love it!

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