Back again

Well now, been a while.

First of all, if you’re reading this, thanks.  Especially for those who’ve emailed, left encouraging comments, and otherwise continued to work through the site’s archives.

It seems like for over six months now I’ve been looking for the right moment to return.  It’s been a fairly busy time – I wrapped up graduate school, found gainful employment and moved to west Texas – but clearly the right moment, or the right state of mind, for reactivating Office Naps has been a much longer time coming than I’d hoped it would be.  Thanks for hanging in there.

There are a few noticeable formatting and display changes, some of which are the consequence of a long-overdue switch from Blogger templates to a self-hosted WordPress site, some of which are just basic improvements to image formatting and the like.  Minor tweaks and revisions will be ongoing, with the postings themselves being kept to a hopefully more manageable basis – hence the new tagline. But otherwise the basic format and premise of the site will remain the same as ever.  Please tell your friends, update your RSS feeds, comment, email me, etc.  (And do check out my new, other website, the Exotica Project.)  And thanks again.

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7 Responses to Back again

  1. David Allspaw says:

    Welcome back! Yours has become my favorite music blog and a year and a half is a long time to be jonesing for the awesome music you had been posting every week! I will take a listen to your Exotica Project site as well.

    Thank you for the great music!

  2. Oliver says:

    danny!!!! back in action where you working these days???

  3. Little Danny says:

    Dan, its Abel and send me an email brother. People have been asking about Dan Da Man….. Talk to me bro

  4. mandrew says:


  5. Dr. Paul says:

    Ah, so glad you’re back (& it’s not even christmas)! Thanks for the tunes.

  6. efredd says:

    welcome back…let the napping go on!

  7. Pete Gloria says:

    I kept checking the site now and then on the vague offchance…

    I was just thankful that I had the opportunity to find out one of my favourite tracks of all time from here, Flamingo by The Charades, and was contented with that, didn’t think it wd be switched on again.

    Thank you for sharing all this WIN!

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