Office Naps Mix Spring 2007

The second installment of the Office Naps mix. More of my favorite ‘60s soft psychedelics and electronic pop.

Office Naps Mix Spring 2007

Millennium, Prelude (7”, Columbia)
Appletree Theatre, Hightower Square (7”, Verve Forecast)
Joyride, Childhood’s End (Friend Sound, RCA)
J.K. & Co., Fly (Suddenly One Summer, White Whale)
Bobby Christian, Mooganga (Vibe-brations, Ovation)
Critters, Awake in a Dream (Touch ‘n Go With the Critters, Project 3)
White Noise, Firebird (An Electric Storm, Island)
Beautiful Daze, City Jungle, pt. 1 (7”, RPR)
Network, The Boys and The Girls (7”, Spar)
Chapter V, The Sun is Green (7”, Verve Folkways)
Human Touch, I Can Imagine (7”, Warner Brothers)
Lee Mallory, Many Are the Times (7”, Valiant)
Shadow Casters, Going to the Moon (7”, J.R.P.)
Rouges, Secondary Man (7”, Thunderbird)
Ceyleib People, Changes (7”, Vault)
July, The Way (7”, Columbia)
World of Oz, Like a Tear (The World of Oz, Deram)
Ken Thorne, Sadie’s Theme (The Touchables, soundtrack, 20th Century Fox)
Chamaeleon Church, Camillia is Changing (Chamaeleon Church, MGM)
Don Robertson, Why? (Dawn, Verve)
Lewis & Clarke Expedition, Why Need They Pretend? (7”, Colgems)
Antonio Carlos Jobim, Children’s Games (Stone Flower, CTI)
Young Idea, Colours of Darkness (7”, Capitol)
David McCallum, House of Mirrors (Music: It’s Happening Now!, Capitol)
Beach-Niks, Last Night I Cried (7”, Sea-Mist)
Electric Prunes, I (Underground, Reprise)
Freeborne, Land of Diana (Peak Impressions, Monitor)
King Biscuit Entertainers, Pride (7”, Burdette)

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24 Responses to Office Naps Mix Spring 2007

  1. Atall says:

    We are treated like kings here. I haven’t even listened to this yet and I can tell it’s going to be a treat.

    David McCallum?

  2. Anonymous says:


    picked up that bobby christian lp a year or two back – looking forward to hearing that in the mix.

    now sound nellie

    aka speedy

  3. Anonymous says:

    More splendor from the dusty crates of Little Danny…ahh, how you spoil us.

    Electric Prunes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and David McCallum in one mix? Nice. Thanks for including ‘Fly’ by J.K & Co.; by far one of my favorite, dreamy psych tracks.

    – Mr. Attention

  4. Anonymous says:

    more little danny gold!
    dig your blog – outasight music & prose stuffs.

    keep up the groovy work
    eskimo in paris

  5. Thanks, y’all. Fun Factoid #132: A young, wayward Chevy Chase played drums for the Chameoleon Church.

  6. lightningclap says:

    Looking forward to this one.

    This blog is setting a good example by providing thoughtful commentary on the records and CONTEXT. A lotta guys are posting records with no information, opinion, nada.

    Great stuff!

  7. Good to hear you say that, lightningclap – I pretty much feel the same way.

    Not to congratulate myself, but I think a lot of mp3 blogs do themselves a disservice by not opining about the music they’re offering. There are so many music blogs out there and SO MUCH music -unbelievably great music – available for download that I find I actually need to first be enticed to even download. That’s why I return again and again to sites like Crud Crud, Captain’s Crate, Record Robot, etc. Great music + great writing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    this really is an excellent blog. i’m listening to this mix right now and pretty much everything kills! do you know if anyone sampled ‘prelude’ before? is joyride joyride or friendsound? i just picked that album up for $3. it had been filed by some radio station under ‘weird’. other blogs say they’re called friendsound, but it’s a wee bit murky.

    i find it incredible that the j.k. & co song was written by a 15 year old. so good! and the bobby christian! and the network! the start of the network song NEEDS to be sampled. thanks for this and all the other gold you keep diggin’ up!

  9. JeffW says:

    Typically the “Joyride” LP is credited to “Friendsound.” But it’s not clear from the record. Great record. Get’s a lot stranger than this sound clip on here, too.

  10. Thanks, y’all, for your kind words!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic mix, and a great blog!!
    Is there any chance of posting the following as separate mp3 files?:

    Appletree Theatre, Hightower Square (7”, Verve Forecast)

    Human Touch, I Can Imagine (7”, Warner Brothers)

    Shadow Casters, Going to the Moon (7”, J.R.P.)


  12. Anonymous says:

    Cool! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
    That Appletree Theatre 45 is amazing!


  13. Anonymous says:

    You should check out the entire APPLETREE THEATRE album. It’s one of the first ‘concept albums’

  14. ion says:

    We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! Okay, maybe we are;) Enjoyed all 53 and a half minutes immensely. It was like listening to a lost Soft Sounds for Gentle People compilation — but with smooth segues.Especially liked the Critters, White Noise and Chamaeleon Church. (Insert current hip rapper’s name here) really needs to sample that Millennium track. Office naps have never been this much fun!

  15. Anonymous says:

    emberglance said…

    “David McCallum?”

    For those not old enough to remember his role as Illya Kuryakin in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., these days McCallum portrays the always delightful Dr. Mallard on NCIS.

    Back in the ’60s, he along with David Axelrod released several albums. They are mostly instrumentals (think McCallum only sang on one or two songs)and are virtually all covers McCallum wrote new arrangements for (he has a musical background, his father was a concert master, also taught Jimmy Page some trick that allowed him to play his guitar like a violin.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Listened to this again the other day, back-to-back with Part 1 from December. EPIC! Again, fantastic work here.

    Any chance of you ever posting that John Wood version of ‘Maiden Voyage’ on it’s own in the not-so-distant future? Easily one of the coolest covers I’ve never heard!

    -Mr. Attention

  17. simon, london says:

    Har har, so long in the desert without broadband – now I’m like a pensioner on Tina! Apart from the music, it’s the quality of the writing that’s so inspiring on this and other enthusiast/lover blogs. I’ve made a note to explore J.K. & Co. but can’t find anything about Shadow Casters. Any advice? Hang on a sec, this is brilliant… but I’ve lost my place – must pay more attention.
    Best to you, L. Danny.

  18. Hi Mr. Attention – here ya go:

    John Wood, “Maiden Voyage”

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for that John Wood track! A great cover; I couldn’t resist requesting it after I heard it in your psychedelic mix. You’ve made my week (in addition to my Mondays)!

    – Mr. Attention

  20. Todd Lucas says:

    Hey, I think that Critters tune was originally released as by The Giant Jellybean Copout on the Poppy label. Apparently, it was really the Critters in disguise.

  21. Hey Todd, that’s always confused me, too – especially since the Giant Jellybean Copout (which I have a battered copy of) looks pretty legit. You’re right, though, I think it was the Critters’ release originally.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Great work, thanks to share it !!

    … from Madrid (Spain)

  23. itwiz25 says:

    A million thanks, some real gems in here: Young Ideas splendid "Colours of darkness". Other "strange" songs to look out for in the same style are "Dragonfly" by Fleetwood Mac and "Matchpoint of our love" w/the Beach Boys. And Lewis & Clark Expedition was a pleasant surprise!

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