Office Naps Fall 2007 Psychedelic Pop mix

This is the rose-colored soundtrack I strive to cocoon my life in,
a CD-length metaphor for the first time you watched Solaris. Part of the ongoing Office Naps psychedelic pop mix series.

Office Naps Fall 2007 Psychedelic Pop Mix

The Punjabs, Raga-Riff (7″, Prince)
The Deep Six, Rising Sun (7″, Liberty)
The Buff Organization, Upside Down World (7″, Original Sound)
Chip Taylor, You Should Be From Monterey (7″, Rainy Day)
The Gordian Knot, Year of the Sun (7″, Verve)
Celebrated Renaissance Band, Heavy Is the Sundown (7″, Lion)
Hard Times, Blew Mind (Blew Mind, World Pacific)
Phil Cordell, Red Lady (7″, Janus)
The Glass Family, Agorn (Elements of Complex Variables) (7″, Warner Brothers)
Junior Parker, Tomorrow Never Knows (7″, Capitol)
Mercy, Our Winter Love (The Mercy and Love (Can Make You Happy), Sundi)
The Group Therapy, Thoughts (7″, Mercury)
English Setters, Wake Up (7″, Jubilee)
Dave Miller Set, Mr. Guy Fawkes (7″, Spin)
Art Guy, Where You Gonna Go (7″, Valiant)
Smokey and His Sister, Creators of Rain (7″, Columbia)
The Raik’s Progress, Why Did You Rob Us, Tank? (7″, Liberty)
The Federal Duck, Peace In My Mind (The Federal Duck, Musicor)
Sonny Bono, Motel II (Chastity, soundtrack, Atco)
Peter Pan & the Good Fairies, Kaleidoscope (7″, Challenge)
The Collection, Both Sides Now (7″, The Hot Biscuit Company)
Pipes of Pan, Monday Morning Rain (7″, Page One)
Emil Richards and the Factory, No Place I’d Rather Be (7″, Uni)
The Sandals, Coming Down Slow (The Last of the Ski Bums, soundtrack, World Pacific)
Thomas Edisun’s Electric Light Bulb Band, Common Attitude (7″, Tamm)
The Yardbirds, Glimpses (Little Games, Epic)
Eden’s Children, Echoes (Sure Looks Real, ABC)
The Soundz, Freak Out, pt. 1 (7″, Crown-Psychedel*lite)

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14 Responses to Office Naps Fall 2007 Psychedelic Pop mix

  1. Anonymous says:

    sonny bono is on this

    so it’s gotta be good

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a sublime mix!! Thanks a lot!

    I was wondering if you one day could post the following 3 fantastic tracks as separate files:

    Celebrated Renaissance Band, Heavy Is the Sundown

    The Group Therapy, Thoughts

    Thomas Edisun’s Electric Light Bulb Band, Common Attitude


  3. Rob says:

    Danny – you’re the master…

  4. joe says:

    I really enjoyed this, my thanks, a near perfect selection and mix.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Loved the mix – made for a lovely night in last night. Love the whole
    blog anyway….


  6. Anonymous says:

    I gave this a full listen at work yesterday, and I have to say this is an incredible mix. Works on so many levels; the quintessential fall psychedelic mix. Superb selections and sequencing – I honestly don’t think it could be any better!

    As always, thanks for sharing,

    Mr. Attention

  7. nrich says:

    Nice mix Danny. Great selections. Some I knew as well as some I didn’t (that I need to get!)
    I used Heavy is the Sundown for one of my recent mixes. I love that tune! Glad to see it popping up here.

    Did you find some nice things at the show?

  8. Meeta says:

    I just heard your blog namedropped on WFMU and thought I’d check it out. I’m only a few songs through this mix but so far it’s pop perfection!

  9. b. brown says:

    Couldn’t wait for another mix, my man. Always a treat. They’re perfect for my 40-miles-to-work drives in the car on some recently repaved rural highways!

  10. boojidad says:

    Suprised no one mentioned this earlier: the guitar player in the Federal Duck is Dave Barry, now the bestselling humorist.

  11. Joe N says:

    DJ Little Danny,
    Looks like a great mix. I’m the original bass player of The Soundz who did Freak Out, Pt 1. on your mix.

  12. Anonymous says:

    hi,great mix.
    check out my blog for more obscure
    grooves 45s

  13. colin says:

    this is such a great mix.

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