Exotica mix

I have a new exotica mix (Time (Is Endless)) currently featured at online magazine Triple Canopy:

Time (Is Endless)

Time (Is Endless)

Time (Is Endless), my new exotica mix over at Triple Canopy

Since early 2008, Triple Canopy has been bringing together writing from essayists, researchers and cultural observers with work with contemporary artists of every stripe.  While somehow realizing, rather than merely hinting at, the promise of the Internet, the site above all honors good, clean writing and the intuitive structure of traditional print publishing.  It’s a true honor to be there.

The mix itself?  It’s an extension in many ways of the Exotica Project, pulling together an atmospheric and otherworldly sliver of a huge, forgotten discography of small-label exotica 45s and LPs that emerged in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

You can find podcast and playlist at Triple Canopy.  Hope you enjoy it, and please take the time to plunge into the site while you’re there.

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8 Responses to Exotica mix

  1. oliver says:

    i like that driftwood cut.. blends into flamingo real pretty

    sip some agave fire water for me and howl at the midnight train thru marfatown

    slo poke morales

  2. becky says:

    absolutely love this – AMAZING! thanks so much for posting, soundgasm that grips my right brain and sends tingles through the whole cortex.

  3. ana_b says:

    Very nice mix, but as for the site itself, hmmm….

    Ya know, there are times I play dumber than I am, but if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that all too many people mistake obscurity for the profound.

    Mark this exercise as: Case in Point.

    That said, please don’t look at this comment as a criticism of you or the blog. I’m a huge fan. I mean it more as “a thought” along the lines of, be careful what you ask for.

    On the other hand, it’s entirely possible I’m afraid I’ll be left dancing to some old Ohio Players album while others are doing important work. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

  4. oliver says:

    good thought Ana… + there’s not much that is better on this earth than some old ohio players their version of “summertime” from the late 60’s is perfection – sorry off-track.

    but I hand it to old danny for keeping us up on some musica obscura

    i don’t collect exotica but i’m glad he does and shares some goodies

    speedy “flamingo” gonzales

  5. Little Danny says:

    Thanks guys! Ana: don’t give up too soon on TC.

  6. Alain says:

    OK this mix is genius. The warmth that comes from the vinyl playback, and the relative obscurity of the selections, adds to the atmosphere of enchantment, of lost places and times that may never have existed other than in dreams. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

  7. nickj says:

    This has been a belated discovery for me, but it’s making my summer that much sweeter. I love this! Thank you for your continued generosity and good taste.

  8. Little Danny says:

    Thank you Nickj – glad you’re diggin’ it.

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