Office Naps Winter 2008 Psychedelic Pop mix

The latest version of the psychedelic pop mix, streamlined and scratchier than ever.

If anything, people tend to remember the decade for the sitars and sunshine harmonies and fuzzed-out guitars. The reputation is not entirely undeserved. But I am here to say that it was echo, great heaping slabs of it, that really makes things go ‘round.

Anyway, there were a million deserving songs that didn’t make the mix, and we wish them good luck in their future pursuits.

Office Naps Winter 2008 Psychedelic Pop mix
Blair Smith, Vision of Molly (7”, Pompeii)
The Sunshine Trolley, Cover Me Babe (7”, Trump)

The Gallants, Robin’s Blues (7”, Capitol)

Opus I, Backseat ’38 Dodge (7”, Mustang)

Things to Come
, Come Alive (7”, Warner Brothers)
The Gates of Eden, Elegy (7”, Warner Brothers)
Sagittarius, The Truth Is Not Real (Present Tense, Columbia)
The West Coast Workshop, Ode to Jackie, Dorothy and Alyce (The Wizard of Oz and Other Trans Love Trips, Capitol)
The Models, Bend Me, Shape Me (7”, MGM)
Unknown Korean Composer, Side 2 Track 4 (Heavenly Home Coming to Stars, part II soundtrack, SRB Korea)
The Parade, This Old Melody (7”, A&M;)
Ian Freebairn-Smith, Other Hawaii (TV Track) (The Other Side of Clouds EP, Proud Bird)
6 7/8, Ski-Daddle (7”, Dot)
Ustad Vilayat Khan, Title Music: Tom’s Arrival (The Guru soundtrack, RCA)
Click, Fat Lady in the Wicker Chair (7”, Laurie)
The Advancement, Child At Play (The Advancement, Philips)
Hearts and Flowers, Tin Angel (Will You Ever Come Down) (7”, Capitol)
Bill & Howdy, Misty Morning Confrontation (7”, Verve-Forecast)
The Pretty Things, My Time (7”, Fontana UK)
Somebody’s Children, Shadows (7”, Uptown)
London Phogg, The Times to Come (7”, A&M;)
The Relations, The Image (7”, Reena)
The Brain Train, Me (7”, Titan)
The Robbs, Castles in the Air (7”, Atlantic)
Evie Sands, It’s This I Am, I Find (7”, A&M;)
Ananda Shankar, Snow Flower (Ananda Shankar, Reprise)
The Fallen Angels, Most Children Do (The Fallen Angels, Laurie)
The Elite, I’ll Come to You (7”, Charay)
The Vejtables, Shadows (7”, Uptown)
The Electric Tomorrow, The Electric Tomorrow (7”, World-Pacific)

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11 Responses to Office Naps Winter 2008 Psychedelic Pop mix

  1. Dustin says:

    can’t wait to hear this. thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks again, Danny. I’m glad you’re back in motion. Your quality control is second-to-none. Halfway through this mix, the ones that stand out are Click’s ‘Fat Lady in the Wicker Chair’ and the Advancement’s ‘Child at Play’. The end of the Advancement song is especially gorgeous. What a beautifully lucid mix. Don’t go leavin’ us in the lurch again, mister.

  3. ana-b says:

    really nice to have you back…[hope you stick around]..

    this is one of the most consistently intelligent blogs around, and i for one have missed the regular Monday updates..

    perhaps it says something that i have continued to check back in periodically for the last six months?..

    love the mix..thanks..


  4. WESTEX says:

    Diggin’ It!!! right now, Danny. Many thanks and many thanks.

  5. MuddyDesert says:

    Another excellent mix that was worth waiting for. You do a great job of choosing songs and crossfading.

    I hope things have been going well for you.

    Thanks so much.

  6. shuriken says:

    thanks danny! the previous mix has been on heavy rotation on my computer + i got tons of my friends hooked on it. im sooooo excited about this new one. im sure sharing these mixes with us will bring you great record finding karma in this new year too….

  7. Thank you as always… Wishing you and yours happiness and good health in 2009.

    Peace and blessings.

  8. Devil Dick says:

    Great mix!

    i thought i was the only person in the world who knew/liked “click” – that track is awesome. I have the 45 (dancing babies on the flip) and the full lenghth album, which is equally as awesome. My question is would you know if this 45 and the lp is his complete work?

    I’d love to hear more.


  9. Thanks y’all, as always!

    DD – I discovered the Click from the unbelievable Round Wonders psych-pop 45 blog, which came and (unfortunately) went in a matter of weeks.

    I need all of the other Click records (45s and LPs) now, too.

  10. He’s back!! I’m floored! Great to have you back, LD and Happy New Year.

    You have made my week and it looks as though I have some quality Office Naps “back-issues” to catch up on. This mix looks superb. More comments to come on the music, but I had to give you a big “thanks and welcome back!”

    – Mr. Attention

  11. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU for making and sharing this awesome mix. I now feel like the world is divided into two camps – those who’ve had the chance to hear “Backseat ’38 Dodge” and the poor, unfortunate others.


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