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Leo de gar Kulka at Golden State Recorders

Leo de gar Kulka at Golden State Recorders

A mid-’60s trade advert for Golden State Recorders, featuring Leo de gar Kulka at the helm

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3 Responses to Leo de gar Kulka at Golden State Recorders

  1. Bart DeSaboya says:

    Leo, my very best to yeah………
    With all my respects to family……….

    One of the many students at the College for Recording Arts….San Francisco, CA.

    • Kenny B says:

      Hi, Happy New year to you and all of yours. I’m Kenny and I graduated from The College For Recoeding Arts in 1989. I’m 51 years old and have my own (small) studio here in Sacramento. Going to the school was an increadible experience. Unfortunatly. back in those days, I didn’t own a camera. I have always wished I did as the education ment so much and has brought me (musically and as an engineer). I would hope to be able to see the pictures of the school that was the "Best In The West" I’m so proud to be a graduate from Leo’s school! If you graduated, you may have heard stories of how Fanticy records hated the graduates from CRA. Hope it changed from when I graduated, but was wondering, do you have any pictures of your experience there?

  2. Lilly says:

    Thank you for all the nice comments about my dad. I miss him so much. The school meant everything to him. I remember growing up at the college, it was always such a magical place! He was an amazing man and father, and will forever be missed!

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